Dear Friends,

WE TEACH YOUTH that regardless of one’s religion, ethnicity, nationality or skin colour, we are all ONE PEOPLE, to prevent youths from adopting prejudiced attitudes.

OUR ARTISTS REACH OUT AS ROLE MODELS to youth via: T.V., Internet and Radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs), logos on CD Jackets, benefit CDs and concerts, subway and outdoor billboards, school and library posters and videos, music magazine and newspaper ads, and more… the prevention of prejudice through education.

Our Mission

TO BUILD an UNDERSTANDING of all people. To speak to the youth, the future of our global community, about the basic human right of equality, so that a civilized society will finally result.

Rather than focusing our funds on research, we actively reach out into the community  with our various public service campaigns for our artists’s  inspiring and educational  messages to be visible to millions worldwide.

National Campaigns