Welcome to our current contests!…Enter one and you may win a variety of prizes from T-shirts to concert tickets to our choosing your artistic image or exhibit for one of our national campaigns…



    If you spot and PHOTOGRAPH one of our Kurt Swinghammer-designed PATTISON BILLBOARDS in your town, as below, BEFORE APR. 25, 2017, then EMAIL us the photo, naming the town you saw it in, and SHARE it on your FACEBOOK and your other social media channels, you will receive a COOL PRIZE and also be entered into our raffle for our AAR PRIZE PACK!

    If you also VIDEOTAPE yourself (for a minute or less) with your thoughts on racism, and/or how you plan to teach others that “we are all one” you may win our SUPER PRIZE PACK! (to win items from our GIFT STORE and possibly concert tickets and more).

  • Initiate innovative CONVERSATIONS on racism…How do you feel racism can be lessened or wiped out in N. America? And in the world?
  • Organize an ART or PHOTO contest in  your school or community, email us photos, and we may promote YOUR art next!
  • Write some ANTI-RACISM songs, produce them with your favourite local band and email them in. You may wish to create a CD or MUSIC VIDEO too!
  • Email us your ideas too!…